• About Us

  • About Us

    The DREAMers Education Initiative enables highly motivated, young, undocumented students to enroll in online career-focused associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs at Kaplan University.

  • DREAMer Student-Focused Benefits

    Our students always come first. We can help you reach your academic and career goals.

    How can our DREAMers Education Initiative help you?



    • Opportunities for those who qualify through TheDream.US


    • Career guidance
    • Bilingual (Spanish and English) advisors
    • Student Success Course to help students thrive in an online learning environment
    • Experiential Learning Credits
    • Additional academic guidance in math, reading, and writing
    • Arrangements with partner organizations to provide assistance with DACA Application process and more


    • Industry-experienced faculty—teaching practical knowledge employers seek


    • Kaplan DREAMers Scholar Community to connect with classmates across the country
    • Leadership Forum series for networking with leaders in multiple industries
    • DREAMers Blogging Group to give students a platform to share their stories

    Our History

    The DREAMers Education Initiative (DEI) continues a commitment that Kaplan made over 75 years ago, to create a level playing field for students who have been historically left out of, or denied access to higher education. In 1938, our company’s founder Stanley Kaplan began tutoring students in the basement of his parents’ Brooklyn home so that other students from immigrant families could achieve their dreams of attaining a higher education in America, regardless of their heritage. This laid the foundation for the test preparation industry, whereby all students who could prove they had acquired the necessary information and critical thinking skills for college could apply to schools, no matter how selective their admissions process might be. 

    Kaplan University also has a rich history of supporting underserved populations. It traces those roots to Davenport, Iowa back to 1937 where it started as a postsecondary business school. That school was primarily focused on teaching female students, who at the time would have found very few opportunities to acquire a business education. Today, Kaplan works with more than 1,000 education partners from school districts to colleges and universities in more than 30 countries. Over 21,000 Kaplan employees provide services to more than one million students worldwide, including DREAMers here in the US.

    The Kaplan DREAMers Education Initiative launched in January 2013 with the goal of providing opportunities to highly motivated, undocumented students with college and scholarship opportunities. In February 2014, after receiving positive interest from DREAMers, families of DREAMers, non-profit organizations, and government officials, the DREAMers Education Initiative joined in with TheDream.US. This national scholarship fund for DREAMers, co-founded by Don Graham, works with a national consortium of about 60 colleges and higher education institutions to help DREAMers enroll in their programs. Kaplan is proud to have been an early member of this larger consortium and provides the only online college degree program in the group for students who want to take advantage of the flexibility that an online program provides. Kaplan University offers flexible, online, career-focused associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in a variety of areas such as business, information technology, psychology, criminal justice, health sciences, nursing and communications.

    The DREAMers Education Initiative works with hundreds of community organizations nationwide to help us get the word out about this program, designed especially for DREAMers. We are proud not only to be part of TheDream.US, but also to have been one of the first schools to initiate a special DREAMer-focused program. Opening doors for DREAMers is just a continuation of what our company has been doing for over 75 years—helping deserving students reach their educational dreams.


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